Best Low-Light Solar Panels

Low-lighting and cloudy environment are holding you back to save the planet – or that’s what you might think. There has always been a misconception regarding solar panels that they can’t perform well in low light, and their efficiency drops so much that it is a bad investment. If you are bothered by this, then we have good news for you. Because now there are low-light solar panels that can perform insanely well under bad climate, cloudy weather, or in low lights. So, if you are looking for panels to work in low light or shaded situations, then our pick of best low-light solar panels is just for you!

How Low-Light Solar Panels Works

Before going through the nitty-gritty details of the best low-light solar panels, you should understand how the solar panels function to know what you need to look for and what you are getting into.

Solar panels generate energy revolving around the PV or photovoltaic system, and the PV system doesn’t require heat to function; instead, it needs light, and if it gets an adequate amount of light, it will perform the same whether it is in a low light situation or under the bright sun.

When the light hits the PV cells of the solar panels, they generate light or solar energy to DC, which follows through the cables to the inverter to get converted into AC, which we later use as the source of electricity. 

If the cells receive enough light in this scenario, the solar panels will work at their maximum efficiency. So, you need to ensure that your panels are receiving their required amount to perform. Not overflowing sunlight as overheating might damage the PV cells located in the panels.

Buying Guide

Now that you have a clear concept of how low-light solar panel functions next, you need to know about the attributes that you need to keep a lookout for when selecting the best low-light solar panel for yourself. 

Types of Solar Panel

Traditionally, solar panels can be divided into three types.

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels 
  • Thin-Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel

There are various mix and hybrid types out there, but for low-light solar panels, the best of the best is monocrystalline solar panels due to their high efficiency and smooth power generation.

Hybrid models, a mix of monocrystalline and amorphous solar panels, are also a good option for low-light solar panels. They provide the best of both panels and ensures a reasonable efficiency rate and durability. Also, they come in cheap than a proper monocrystalline solar panel.

Power Capacity

When it comes to low-light solar panels, the higher the power capacity is, the better. A light solar panel that needs more than 100 watts is regarded as the best power choice for low-light panels. The panels which have a capacity greater than 100 watts are called high-powered panels.

Bypass Diodes

A proper low-light solar panel must come with bypass diodes. A standard solar panel has around 60 PV cells connected; here, the wiring is connected in series, so when the light comes in contact with the PV cells, they generate electricity from start to finish.

So, if a portion of the solar panel gets shaded or doesn’t receive light properly, then that cell builds up electric resistance, which blocks the flow of electricity generated from the other cells.

That’s where bypass diodes come in. Bypass diodes create an alternate route around the shaded cells that create resistance so that the flow of electricity stays uninterrupted and the solar panels can work properly. 

Therefore, without bypass diodes, solar panels will lose a good amount of efficiency, especially if working in low light situations.

Best Low-Light Solar Panels in 2021

Now that you have a good idea regarding low-light solar panels and know what to look for. Please take a look at our top picks of the best low-light solar panels.




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Best Low-Light Solar Panels


Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Efficiency Rate of 21%

200-watt max power draw

Best Low-Light Solar Panels


Monocrystalline Solar panel

100-Watt maximum power, which can be charged up to 200 watts

Can Power 2 Batteries constantly

Best Low-Light Solar Panels


Monocrystalline Solar panels

180-Watt maximum power

Best Suited for RVs

Best Low-Light Solar Panels


Monocrystalline Solar panels

200-Watt maximum power

Comes with Bypass Diode

Best Low-Light Solar Panels

Renogy Eclipse

Monocrystalline Solar panels

100-Watt maximum power

Has Bypass Diodes to provide stable power in low ligh


If you are looking for consistency and reliability in a solar panel, then the WEIZE is the perfect choice for you. High energy efficiency, durability, stabilization, outstanding performance; you name it this solar panel provides it all.

This 200-watt 12volt powered monocrystalline solar panel boasts an efficiency rate of 21%. With an aluminum frame, tempered glass, and firm build, this solar panel comes with one of the best durability in the market.

But it wouldn’t be the based if it didn’t come with a bypass diode for low light and shading situation and a great warranty plan. The warranty plan covers almost 25 years of service.


  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Efficiency Rate of 21%
  • 200-watt max power draw
  • Bypass Diode feature
  • 25 years of Warranty


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Not suitable for small spaces

2. ACOPOWER Portable

The ACOPOWER is one of the best portable solar panels out there. These monocrystalline solar panels are one of the best choices when it comes to low lights and shading. Their mobility and portability make them one of the most desired solar panels out there. 

The ACOPOWER comes with a charge controller, which gives the existing 100-watt solar panel a power boost to 200 watts. It can also power two batteries at the same time.


  • Monocrystalline Solar panel
  • 100-Watt maximum power, which can be charged up to 200 watts
  • Portable and Foldable
  • Can Power 2 Batteries constantly
  • 25 years efficient warranty


  • Setting up takes a bit of time
  • Don’t contain Bypass Diode feature

3. BougeRV

As the name suggests, the BougeRV is best suited for off-grip situations. If you are an RV user, then this solar panel is made just for you. With its 180 watts of massive power output and incredible efficiency, this solar panel can serve its purpose correctly even in the lowest lights. 

As it is meant for outdoor settings and vehicle roof inputs, the installation process of the BougeRV is smooth and easy. The travel build of this solar panel also provides excellent durability and water resistance.

The panel can withstand 2400 pascal of wind pressures and 5400 pascals pressure of snows. It also guarantees excellent performance in low-light situations, which is precisely what we are looking for.

This solar panel is provided with 25 years of product warranty with an additional motor warranty for two years.


  • Monocrystalline Solar panels
  • 180-Watt maximum power
  • Bypass Diodes available
  • Best Suited for RVs
  • Two types of Warranties


  • Best suited for RVs, not great for home roofs


RICH SOLAR is u one of the best monocrystalline type solar panels out there. It has high quality anti-reflective tempered glass coating, which gives good durability. The aluminum structure also provides rigidity and stiffness to the solar panel. 

The panel comes with an output of 200W along with 9.8-amp power and a 12-volt battery charge so that you can have a high rate of efficiency even in low light or shading situations. It also comes with bypass diodes.

The installation process is also simple and easy. The product also features 25 years of warranty, followed by five years of items and work warranty and topping it up with a material warranty for a year.


  • Monocrystalline Solar panels
  • 200-Watt maximum power
  • Comes with Bypass Diode
  • Three types of Warranties


  • Some panels can face internal failures due to time

5. Renogy Eclipse

The Eclipse has one of the best qualities if you prefer to live a mobile lifestyle. This light-weighted monocrystalline solar panel is built to face stormy weather, low lights, and extreme heat all at the same time. So, when it comes to durability, Eclipse is a safe buy.  

It can withstand almost 2400 Pa of air force along with 5400 Pa worth of snow load. Another unique feature of the Eclipse is its design that contains no gridlines in front of the PV cells allowing the solar to have a much cleaner look with a black coating to compliment the eclipse name.

The power draw of the Eclipse is a standard 100w, but due to having the bypass diode feature, it can easily perform efficiently in low-light settings.


  • Monocrystalline Solar panels
  • 100-Watt maximum power
  • Two types of Warranties
  • Best Suited for vehicles
  • Good Structural Design and Durability
  • Has Bypass Diodes to provide stable power in low light


  • Quality control can sometimes be questionable

Finding the best low-light solar panels can seem complicated but if you are going to get the best of the best, then doing your research is worth it. We hope that we’ve answered all your questions regarding the best low-light solar panels and given you the best of the best in the market. 

So, go out there and take the first step to save the earth innovatively!

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