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Ted Leo & The Pharmacists Live

I was really excited to catch Ted Leo and the boys this weekend at Sonic Muse. I had my doubts about him playing due to the family emergency that caused him to cancel his gig in Cleveland last week. But coming off their performance at Lollapalooza, the band seemed charged and ready to go.

While I feel like The Hold Steady sorta mailed it in, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists certainly did not. They somehow seemed very on top of their game which I was not expecting in lieu of the recent weeks events. Check out my photos from the set below.

Matt & Kim Live

I went into Sonic Muse the other night never having seen Matt & Kim, but knowing exactally what to expect from them. And with that in mind, they did not dissapoint. The duo are loads of fun and I swear they never stop smiling. Kim is a really amazing drummer as well and really wails on her kit. However, the music itself just sorta falls flat for me, I can't get by the gimmick I guess. Even so, these guys are alot of fun and certainly worth checking out live.