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Fior Fiero - The Satellite EP

I have been sitting on this EP for a little bit now, I got it and popped it in and something about it made me want to come back to it, again and again. You may or may not remember a band we wrote up here some time ago called Dark Side Of The Cop, but Fior Fiero, though sounding nothing like them, are a spinoff of Dark Side.

This EP is made up of sharp electronica sounds and equally dangerous vocals from the duo that hails from the Philadephia area. I really think you are gonna enjoy these guys, so have a listen to this tune from the EP, which is due out on August 28th from Auger Down Records. So try this one on for size and let me know what you think in the comments..

Radiohead - In Rainbows - In 10 Days!

A lot of times we shy away from the bigger news stories out there that we know Stereogum, Idolator and others will cover ad nasueam. But today, we just gotta chime in. The news hit this weekend that Radiohead would be releasing a new album and doing it in a completely different and very Radiohead way. On October 10th, their new album, In Rainbows, will be released in digital format, and a few months later, on December 3rd, the album will be dropped physically, all without a label.

Not only that, but Radiohead are essentially leaking their own album on October 10. If you go to this website and add the digital copy of the album to your "cart" you can choose to pay for it, or pay nothing for it and will receive a digital download key on the 10th. Not your average leak in that the band is officially doing it themselves, and also that they are asking you to make a "moral" decision about whether or not to pony up some cash for it!